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At a good Tempo, Precious Feeling.

Have you ever had the experience of wanting to confirm your tempo in the middle of a show or concert? If you answered YES, then we recommend the simple, high precision metronome app "@Metronome", developed from he concept of using a "real" metronome. It will become your rendition "support" anytime.

@A metronome to produce rhythm to your liking

Even with diverse symbols, accents, and beat combinations, you can rely on it to produce the beat that you request! Register your created settings as a tempo set! Call it forth whenever you like!

Volume dial
Setlist creation feature

@No more shaken song order

Once the program for each song is created, next create a setlist! You can send a song to the registered list with a single tap. The next song will never be forgotten again.

@Tempo meter with great visibility

Built with the assumption of being used during a show, concert, or even in dead silence, the readily-seen built in tempo meter enables you to follow the tempo with your eyes, even when its dark!

Flash feature

@Of course, perfect for practice too

Tap Tempo

Load up tap tempo as a feature geared for practice or composition! Matching up with your musical instrument, there are 3 tone types to choose from. Moreover, you can mix it with the music in your library and practice, as it is made to play in the background as well!


・Precise rhythm by way of an original algorithm

・Create intuitive rhythms using separate dials

・Setlist creation feature

・Settings that can be called up with just one tap

・Possible tempo configuration 30 - 250

・Possible number of configurable beats 0 - 9

・Clock display in the upper section of the screen

・Ability to play in the background

・Vibration feature

・Flash feature

・3 types of changeable sound configurations


・iOS : $2.99


iPhone image when @Metronome is using