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Anytime, Anywhere, For Anyone.

There is no longer any need to stuff a heavy tuner in your bag and take it to your school or studio. The iPhone and iPad that you use everyday coupled with the chromatic tuner app "@Tuner" makes it possible to tune any musical instruments, anywhere at anytime.

needle-type meter

@Refined "Real" texture

Just like using a "real" tuner. The smooth needle movement produced by an original algorithm with the pleasantness from the response of precise alignment with musical notes maximizes the sensation of tuning.

@Unprecedented high precision tuner

Even instruments that require accurate pitch in an orchestra are OK. In addition to the easy to see needle-type meter capable of tuning in 1 cent units, by using an intuitive rotary strobe ring, it is capable of high-precision tuning at the highest 0.1 cent units.

Volume meter
Temperament change feature

@Classical and Orchestra

It brings the resonation of sounds beautifully to their utmost limits.It is possible to revive the sounds of the Middle Ages and early modern period by making full use of temperaments used in those ages, such as "The oldest temperament" pythagorean, meantone temperament "meantone", and Volk Meister temperament "fine tuning" .

@Optimized Guitar Tuning

For the guitar, bass, and ukulele, more optimised tuning modes are available. Various eccentric tuning presets are installed to prepare you for any upcoming tuning challenges that may arise.
(Presets are planned to be added at a later date)

Guitar tuner mode


・Chromatic Tuner

・0.1 cent precision

・needle-type meter

・Cent display

・Frequency display

・Calibration adjustment

・Volume meter

・Strobe ring

・Transposition feature

・Mic sound gain adjustment

・Measurable range C0 - B7

・Sound input from a mic

・Pitch pipe feature

・Guitar tuner mode

・Temperament change feature


・iOS : $2.99


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