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A hot concert, with cool music.

Concerts in recent years have seen iPad apps being incorporated as everything from the mixer for a keyboard to the effector for a rhythm box. From the turbulent age of such apps comes "MrLyric", a new app designated for use at concerts.It was born from the wish of a professional musician to conveniently use sheet music and lyric cards in an app, and will go on to carve its way into the world of concert apps.

Change the Normal Music Stand

Keeping musical scores orderly, carrying around sheet music and musical performances has been condensed into one. By placing just one iPhone or iPad on your music stand, you can start playing right away. In addition, with the Dropbox integration feature, there is no storage compression. Sheet music can be loaded from your PC surprisingly fast by using the cloud. Photo data stored on the iPad or iPhone can of course be used as well.

An app for concert use that is changing the precedent of the music stand
Enhanced Customize Feature

Enhanced Customize Feature

Generous customization and sort features. As artist name, song title, album title, and tag name can be attached, it will be easy to find the intended sheet music. By using the configurable metronome feature for each song, tempo can be firmly grasped, regardless of song order. In keeping concerts in mind, high visibility analog, meter, and LED types of metronomes have been prepared. It is even possible for a drummer who is plagued by loud volumes to perfectly catch the tempo without sound.

Commitment to Turning Sheet Music

Being a sheet music display app at its heart, it operates by turning sheets. Sheet music on Mr.Lyric can be turned like real sheet music, not with a tap, but with a swipe. It is possible to instantly jump to any page that you want from the page shown in the preview on screen. Furthermore, the Bluetooth foot pedal AirTurn ( sold separately ) can also be used. By connecting it, sheet music can be turned using just your foot, ensuring a musical performance or practice in which tempo is not lost, no matter how long a song may be.

Commitment to Turning Sheet Music


[Included Features]

・Set creation feature

・Feature to play the entire set

・Enriched sheet music administration feature

・Ability to choose from 3 metronome types

・Connect to Bluetooth footpedals

・Download sheet music from Dropbox

・Accepted formats: pdf, jpg, png, gif

・Bookmark feature

・Display sheet music page list

[Features available for purchase]

・Backup, restore, and Synchronization using a connection to Dropbox

・Feature for loading picture data

・Feature which displays a metronome for display during setlist playback

[The features listed hereafter are can enabled once per day for trail usage.]


・iOS : Free


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