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Regarding links to this site

You may link to this site freely, regardless of whether it is for commercial or non-profit use. However, for sites that are immoral or which are offensive to public order, such as those that include slander against a third party, linking to this site is expressly forbidden.
Also, in cases where the link is affixed, if the correct URL is not shown when the link destination is displayed in the frame we would ask that you please avoid it as there is a possibility that guests are being mislead.

Terms and conditions regarding banner installation

  • 1. No processing involving a banner is to be performed.
  • 2. A banner cannot be used as a part of another image.
  • 3. No rights to a banner which links can be claimed, and rights of this site regarding a banner which links must be acknowledged.
  • 4. The only purpose of use for a banner is to link to this site.

Method of banner installation


After choosing the requested banner design from the images shown below, please make use of it by copy and pasting the corresponding HTML source code.

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